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korean chicken salad

Korean Chicken Salad

  Oh yes, this salad is a rainbow of yum- crunchy, zingy, and super satisfying. There are times when I look in my fridge and think I have nothing and it’s like this separate section of my brain chimes in and goes, but wait, you have cabbage, you have leftover roast chicken, you have sesame […]

bourbon glazed "candied" salmon

Bourbon Glazed “Candied” Salmon

This salmon is ahhhh-mazing. It tastes way better than the candied salmon from the market loaded with weird preservatives and junk.  Bourbon glaze is good with just about anything, I mean really, it’s syrupy liquor tainted goodness that you will want to douse everything in, yes, even salad. Maybe even brownies, if you leave out […]



Yes I just made that word up, Manguac, it’s great right, hilarious, it’ll be the next hummus I swear you’ll love it that much. Because what grows together, goes together, not that mangoes or avocados grow in my backyard,though maybe someday. So here goes, you’ve had mango salsa, now welcome mango guacamole, a new hero sidekick […]

how to make almond butter in a vitamix

How to make almond butter in a vitamix and cookies!

Oh God, I gave my baby sugar, have I created a monster? I was enjoying one of these delicious cookies and he was screaming his face of with jealousy, I just had to give him some, and after that he was as content as could be. Truth is, no one can resist cookies like these, […]

chocolate cream pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

TA-DA! Winter doldrums be gone, chocolate cream pie has arrived to banish you until next week! For real, what’s better than a hazelnut-almond shortbread crust topped with decadent chocolate laden with a top secret ingredient, layered with airy whipped coconut cream? Secret ingredient: Sweet potato has passed the test and gone completely undetected by my […]

red thai meatball curry

Red Thai Meatball Curry

Lets be real, I like curry any time of year, but there is something extra grand about a rich, full bodied Thai curry when the snappy weather starts to hit.  Especially one with juicy ginger infused meatballs and creamy coconut chile lemongrass gravy. Dull cloudy days call for meals like these, with some pillowy jasmine […]

chorizo spinach and sweet pepper egg muffins

Chorizo Spinach and Sweet Pepper Egg Muffins

These little chorizo spinach and sweet pepper egg muffins are for all those breakfast avoiders in your life. They’re easy to pack away for a few hours after wake up when hunger strikes. J is taking an early morning course this week so these were the perfect fuel for ripping chainsaws. Winter has brought a […]