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pine mushroom pasta

Creamy Pine Mushroom Pasta

  We’re fortunate to live in a place with an abundance of wild mushrooms. Many people make a living around these parts picking and selling gourmet wild mushrooms such as Matsutake or Pine mushrooms and Chanterelle. I’ve been learning about foraging for mushrooms for a few years now. There’s a lot to know, you certainly […]

home made hot sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce

  Just like momma used to make… a little smoky, a touch of sweet, a lot of spicy,a flavour bomb explosion to douse all your favourite foods. My momma didn’t make hot sauce, but if she did I imagine she’d opt for a simple and delicious recipe such as this. Tomatoes, garlic and a whole […]

The best gooey paleo chocolate chip cookies

The best gooey paleo chocolate chip cookies

    Oh you are going to love these morsels of ooey gooey comfort! They are so akin to my favourite childhood chocolate chip cookies that it sort of scares me. Because they’re not, these cookies are blow your mind grain free goodness, no weird hydrogenated oils or any of that nonsense. Simple to put […]

Tahini Omega Dressing on Local Vegetable Ensemble

Spicy Tahini Omega Dressing on Local Vegetable Ensemble

  Happy Days, you know the ones, where the sun comes out unexpectantly lavishing you with the warm knowing that summer is just around the corner.  After a week of rain it explodes forth surprising you that it won’t actually rain forever. No more excuses to eat just roast potatoes, gravy and beef for dinner […]

chipotle chicken soup

Chipotle Chicken Soup

Chipotle chicken soup for the soul, remember those books, minus the chipotle? The ones filled with cheesy stories about miraculous happenings like little Timmy’s dog saving his Aunt Wendy from driving off a cliff. I loved those books when I was younger, they were such a source of hope in this crazy world. When cynicism […]

bacon and scallion paleo pancakes

Bacon and Scallion Paleo Pancakes

Okay I’ll just let the cat right out of the bag…these pancakes were supposed to be waffles. Never buy a waffle iron at a second hand store, there is a reason its there. After one very sticky pile of nothing I thought it would be best to turn them into pancakes which luckily was a […]

Spicy Beef Taquitos with Chipotle Lime Cashew Cream

Spicy Beef Paleo Taquitos & Chipotle Lime Cashew Cheese

Happy daze, the rain is pouring and we have every excuse to be nestled in to our sweet little home. My life isn’t terribly exciting through the eyes of others. Of course for me and J it is, watching our little tot stretch his limbs and laugh at our funny faces. Something I do think […]