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Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce

Paleo Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce

        So stoked on this Paleo Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce, for reals, it’s gluten and grain free, super moist and indulgently delicious. All I wanted today (and most days) was something rich and chocolately, warm and comforting, with a nice hot chai, and it doesn’t get much better […]

roasted ratatouille with sunflower seed pesto

Roasted Ratatouille with Sunflower Seed Pesto

  Rrratatouille, it’s worth making, not only is it a palatable way to enjoy a smorgasbord of summer vegetable abundance, just the word ratatouille is fun to say. I love to enjoy ratatouille in a number of ways, traditionally it is a slowly stewed dish with herbes de provence, but I also love roasting it and […]

pesto potato salad

Pesto Potato Salad

This is so extravagant, I want to eat this brazil nut pesto on absolutely everything! Why haven’t I thought of this before? The magical mineral rich nut is the ideal candidate when you don’t have/want pine nuts. Sunflower seeds, yes, very yummy substitute as well as almonds, but they still don’t equate to the awesomeness […]

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Golden Turmeric Milk

Golden Turmeric Milk

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Immune health. All this talk of the next pandemic gives me the heeby jeebies and I hate to think of the suffering occurring in West Africa right now. It’s hard not to think of the possibility of Ebola spreading, and what our action plan will be. For now, […]

make your own chai tea concentrate

Make Your Own Chai Tea Concentrate

  Chai is a staple in India, and for good reason, hot or cold, the medicinal deliciousness of a flavour combo that’s been around longer than you can say Saraswati is always and forever off the hook. What I don’t love, is sitting around for an hour waiting for the amazing herbs, roots and seeds […]

how to harvest and prepare rose hips

How to Harvest and Use Rose Hips

The Vitamin C of the North, we may not have citrus trees and schizandra berries but we do have an abundance of wild rose hips. Rose hips are rich in Vitamin C (1000mg/100g) and other flavanoids,polyphenols,Vitamins B1,B2,B3 and Vitamins K and A, making them particularly useful for those long winter months. I love going for […]

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Paleo Tortillas

Paleo Tortillas

Do you love tortillas? I do. You know why I love them? Because they are a first class vehicle for all good things. Now don’t get me wrong, these tortillas are more akin to a crepe, nice and light yet strong enough to hold your favourite fillings. 

15 of the best Primal Chocolate recipes

15 of the Best Paleo and Primal Chocolate Recipes

My mom posted this funny meme today on FB “Chocolate comes from cocoa, which comes out of a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad. The end.” Well Chocolate or Cacao in it’s raw form is a power house of super food fury. Cacao pods are sooooo beautiful!  Benefits of Eating […]

Scramble Italiano

Grown Up Scrambled Eggs

  Grown up scrambled eggs, Italiano style. Inspired by piles of fresh basil and oregano, a hunk of great chorizo and fresh cheese curds. The seasons first broccoli are out, Italian ribbed zucchini and sweet little baby onions. All of these delights, sautéed in butter, lightly seasoned with black pepper, just allowing the raw flavours […]

Chili Garlic Stir Fry

Chili Garlic Spring Stir Fry

  Our fridge is just brimming with vegetables, it’s hard to keep up to all the abundance. Right now there are so many delicious, delicate greens and crunchy radishes sprouting forth. I love how easy it is to eat fresh salads all the time. We hardly eat salad in the winter, it just doesn’t make […]