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chimichurri sauce

Chimichurri with Sorrel

This is pure green goodness with a wicked name. It’s origin is Argentinian and is typically served on grilled meats. On it’s own you would think chimichurri is uber intense, but on rice, or meat or in a dressing it is lovely.

Paleo Tortillas

Paleo Tortillas

Do you love tortillas? I do. You know why I love them? Because they are a first class vehicle for all good things. Now don’t get me wrong, these tortillas are more akin to a crepe, nice and light yet strong enough to hold your favourite fillings. 

Mango Coconut Energy Bites

Mango Coconut Energy Bites

You know how people declare something really really tasty as ‘drool worthy’? Well how many times do they actually drool. I mean come on most people don’t drool no matter how amazing something tastes. But you know what? I drooled. Eating one of these sweet delights drool fell out of my mouth in slow motion […]


Dandelion, Fig & Walnut Roast Chicken

I’m eating delightful pickled green beans as I write this.  Green beans I’ve hoarded since last fall, and now it’s time. Time to eat all those canned delicacies that haven’t  already been gobbled up over the winter months. Gotta clear the space for all the new abundance coming our way. ps. I will post a […]

classic french onion soup

Classic French Onion Soup

French onion soup can’t come from a packet, it cannot be had by a chemical laden powder. It’s essence is steeped with time and a wack load of onions which all melt down to practically nothing. There’s a reason why it’s french, the slow caramelization process is one which only the french could invent. Tried […]