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Sweet & Sour Almond Chicken

Sweet & Sour Almond Chicken

This Almond sauce I make always makes everyone happy. It’s multi-purpose, I make a really similar sauce for my pad thai, but you could use this sauce for satay dipping sauce for skewers, salad dressing, stir-fry sauce, roasted sweet potato…My parents are visiting, so I toned down the hot chili spice and focused on creating a […]

thai wonton soup

Thai Wonton Soup

There are days when it rains and wontons call my name. It’s a craving I can’t resist, and I have yet to find a way to paleofy those thin delicate wonton wrappers. So be warned, unlike most of my recipes, this one is only paleo friendly if you skip the wonton wraps and make little […]



Yes I just made that word up, Manguac, it’s great right, hilarious, it’ll be the next hummus I swear you’ll love it that much. Because what grows together, goes together, not that mangoes or avocados grow in my backyard,though maybe someday. So here goes, you’ve had mango salsa, now welcome mango guacamole, a new hero sidekick […]

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20 Tips for Eating Real Food on a Dime

So often I hear people say they can’t afford to eat well. Food becomes a distant priority for many as opposed to mortgages, bills, gasoline…the list goes on. It’s true, the banksters can’t sick collections on you for having an empty stomach. What’s also true is you’ve only been given this one body, and if […]

10 reasons to eat cultured vegetables

Probiotic Supplements Out Sauerkraut In!

It’s official folks, sauerkraut and other lacto/wild fermented/cultured veggies are officially more potent than expensive probiotic supplements.  Dr. Mercola sent in a sample of homemade sauerkraut to a lab for analysis and the results were astounding. “We had it analyzed. We found in a 4-6 ounce serving of fermented vegetables there were literally ten trillion bacteria”  […]

MSG- it's in your toothpaste!

MSG, it’s in your toothpaste!

It is truly mind boggling how MSG is added to so many products on the market. Endless pseudonyms and confusing labels that claim to have ‘no added msg’, yet somehow they still get away with having it in there (because if it is 99% pure msg or less, labelling is not required).  For anyone trying […]

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bumbleberry BBQ ribs

Bumbleberry BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Thick hot day, the kind that melts you and makes everyone feel heavy. Lets go for a walk up to a friends, he suggests. Are you mad? I’m not walking anywhere but the beach. Yes, that kind of day. Even the car hating little one sleeps soundly. The kind of day where all you can […]

chocolate banana avocado muffins

Chocolate Banana Avocado Muffins

Greetings from my the muffin section of my brain, a part that I never knew existed. Until these babies popped into my head, all part of my ploy to coax Jake into eating less goodies. And myself too, though I’ve never been a fan of ‘the muffin’ typically leaving you to feel like a muffin, […]

roasted ratatouille with sunflower seed pesto

Roasted Ratatouille with Sunflower Seed Pesto

  Rrratatouille, it’s worth making, not only is it a palatable way to enjoy a smorgasbord of summer vegetable abundance, just the word ratatouille is fun to say. I love to enjoy ratatouille in a number of ways, traditionally it is a slowly stewed dish with herbes de provence, but I also love roasting it and […]

Chili Garlic Stir Fry

Chili Garlic Spring Stir Fry

  Our fridge is just brimming with vegetables, it’s hard to keep up to all the abundance. Right now there are so many delicious, delicate greens and crunchy radishes sprouting forth. I love how easy it is to eat fresh salads all the time. We hardly eat salad in the winter, it just doesn’t make […]