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home made hot sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce

  Just like momma used to make… a little smoky, a touch of sweet, a lot of spicy,a flavour bomb explosion to douse all your favourite foods. My momma didn’t make hot sauce, but if she did I imagine she’d opt for a simple and delicious recipe such as this. Tomatoes, garlic and a whole […]

cookies and cream tarts with fall fruits

Cookies and Cream Tarts with Fall Fruits

These little raw tarts and adorned with the last local fruits of the season, oh how it pains me to type that. The sheer beauty of the grapes, blackberries and plums demanded something precious and extravagant to adorn. What better than a little chocolate tartlet with an intensely amazing creamy centre, no added sugar, not […]

korean chicken salad

Korean Chicken Salad

  Oh yes, this salad is a rainbow of yum- crunchy, zingy, and super satisfying. There are times when I look in my fridge and think I have nothing and it’s like this separate section of my brain chimes in and goes, but wait, you have cabbage, you have leftover roast chicken, you have sesame […]

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how to harvest and prepare rose hips

How to Harvest and Use Rose Hips

The Vitamin C of the North, we may not have citrus trees and schizandra berries but we do have an abundance of wild rose hips. Rose hips are rich in Vitamin C (1000mg/100g) and other flavanoids,polyphenols,Vitamins B1,B2,B3 and Vitamins K and A, making them particularly useful for those long winter months. I love going for […]

happy smoothie

Happy Smoothie

Smoothies make me happy, and this one is specifically designed to ward off depression and anxiety, nourish you with mood lifting minerals and make your spirit soar with ethereal delights. To really boost your mood, try this, positive affirmations can have a huge impact on how we feel, this is one of Louise Hays suggestions […]


20 Tips for Eating Real Food on a Dime

So often I hear people say they can’t afford to eat well. Food becomes a distant priority for many as opposed to mortgages, bills, gasoline…the list goes on. It’s true, the banksters can’t sick collections on you for having an empty stomach. What’s also true is you’ve only been given this one body, and if […]

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Goat Cheese, Broccoli & Wood Sorrel Frittata

Goat Cheese, Wood Sorrel & Broccoli Frittata

    It’s  a great time of year to hop over to your friends garden and swoop up some healthy, free, delightful wild foods. Wood sorrel is one of my faves.  It’s easy to eat heaps as it isn’t at all bitter and has a lemony zing akin to parsley-lemon zest gremolata. 

Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce

Paleo Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce

        So stoked on this Paleo Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce, for reals, it’s gluten and grain free, super moist and indulgently delicious. All I wanted today (and most days) was something rich and chocolately, warm and comforting, with a nice hot chai, and it doesn’t get much better […]

Paleo Crispy Cajun Chicken 2

Oregano Hemp & Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Boom. Pesto. That zip zap flavour attack  that isn’t just all about basil.   Actually pesto is a noun derivative of the italian word ‘pestare’ to pound or crush, like in a pestle and mortar non? Well someday I will write a pesto manifesto, because I really enjoy pounding flavours together to create something uniquely extraordinary. […]