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Umami Crispy Pork Pho

Umami Crispy Pork Pho

This is the best pho I have ever had and that is pho sho. Now that we have that out of the way, eat this pho on days where nothing is going right. Where you have to bite your tongue to keep from cussing and deliberately breathe so that you don’t melt into a puddle […]

caramelized maple almond brussels sprouts and pumpkin

Caramelized Maple Almond Brussels Sprouts and Pumpkin

  An attempt was made to ascend one of the remaining remnants of the old growth forests of British Columbia. Up into the endangered Jumbo valley, whose ski resort future is looming within her glory. Though we underestimated the mighty whipping winds which brought a taste of winter and a swelling fondness for the unpredictable. […]

home made hot sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce

  Just like momma used to make… a little smoky, a touch of sweet, a lot of spicy,a flavour bomb explosion to douse all your favourite foods. My momma didn’t make hot sauce, but if she did I imagine she’d opt for a simple and delicious recipe such as this. Tomatoes, garlic and a whole […]