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Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce

Paleo Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce

        So stoked on this Paleo Banana Bread with Pears and Honeyed Chocolate Sauce, for reals, it’s gluten and grain free, super moist and indulgently delicious. All I wanted today (and most days) was something rich and chocolately, warm and comforting, with a nice hot chai, and it doesn’t get much better […]

roasted ratatouille with sunflower seed pesto

Roasted Ratatouille with Sunflower Seed Pesto

  Rrratatouille, it’s worth making, not only is it a palatable way to enjoy a smorgasbord of summer vegetable abundance, just the word ratatouille is fun to say. I love to enjoy ratatouille in a number of ways, traditionally it is a slowly stewed dish with herbes de provence, but I also love roasting it and […]

homemade nutella

Homemade Nutella

  I have breaking news, regular nutella isn’t nearly as healthy as they claim it to be! Shocker right? What should be a wholesome organic spread with emphasis on 2 amazing natural ingredients somehow got lost along the way. No fear, my feller cohorts and I have resurrected what nutella should be, no weird hydrogenated […]

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benefits of chia seeds

10 Benefits of Chia Seeds

What to do with chia seeds? If you’re like me, you’ve mostly associated the word chia with grassy little pets and a cheesy infomercial. I never associated these dainty little seeds with Aztec warriors or a superfood, let alone a food at all. Chia seeds were used as currency and in religious ceremony in Mayan […]

Healthy foods for breastfeeding moms

Healthy Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

    To nourish and sustain another life is a monumental blessing. To be able to bond in this way with your babe, wow, not only are we giving them a great gift but they are giving us one as well. Everyday I am filled with awe at the fact that my little man is […]

Golden Turmeric Milk

Golden Turmeric Milk

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Immune health. All this talk of the next pandemic gives me the heeby jeebies and I hate to think of the suffering occurring in West Africa right now. It’s hard not to think of the possibility of Ebola spreading, and what our action plan will be. For now, […]

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3 ingredient paleo flatbread

3 Ingredient Paleo Flatbread with Avocado and Chorizo

  The beauty of flatbread is that there are no limits. You could choose to make a creamy garlic spiked chili avocado mash with smoky red wine chorizo like I did (it’s delicious I promise) or you could use this simple flatbread to soak up egg yolks, scoop hummus,slather with nut butter and apples, roll […]

home made hot sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce

  Just like momma used to make… a little smoky, a touch of sweet, a lot of spicy,a flavour bomb explosion to douse all your favourite foods. My momma didn’t make hot sauce, but if she did I imagine she’d opt for a simple and delicious recipe such as this. Tomatoes, garlic and a whole […]

make your own chai tea concentrate

Make Your Own Chai Tea Concentrate

  Chai is a staple in India, and for good reason, hot or cold, the medicinal deliciousness of a flavour combo that’s been around longer than you can say Saraswati is always and forever off the hook. What I don’t love, is sitting around for an hour waiting for the amazing herbs, roots and seeds […]

rainbow rice bowl

Rainbow Rice Bowl with Herbaceous Little Meatballs

  Herbs Potent little packages of pure goodness. My heart sped up when I saw two huge bunches of the most perfect italian parsley in our CSA box this week.  What a treat, and on top of that, gorgeous fresh mint bundles and long spindly green onions. Wild oregano has replaced grass in our yard, […]