I don’t cook naked…usually. Thanks for stopping by my creative outlet, my zen space, my little corner of the big bad web.

I’m super stoked to have you here! And you’re on my about page to boot, that’s pretty gnarly.


I started naked cuisine to share my passion for real food with the world.  I love eating and cooking and sharing food with my friends and family so this site is some seriously cyber style bread breaking.

There’s a thick haze surrounding ‘healthy eating’ and my goal is to show that it doesn’t have to be complex or unenjoyable!

My philosophy isn’t strict, and my personal style is more 80/20 than paleo all the time. Which means, most of the time my family enjoys eating gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and junk free, but some of the time we indulge and we live, without worrying too much. Because worry is worse for your health than a slice of cheese pizza, I promise.

Every recipe on this blog uses organic vegetables and fruits, as local as possible and free-range grass fed organic meat, poultry and dairy. If I can go out in my environment and gather wild foods or even food from our garden to incorporate into our diet my whole inner being explodes with contentment. The time is now to bring back a knowledge that is fast being lost. Reverse “Nature Defecit Disorder” and reconnect with ancestral skills and knowledge.

“Imagine if we had a food system that actually produced wholesome food. Imagine if it produced that food in a way that restored the land. Imagine if we could eat every meal knowing these few simple things: What it is we’re eating. Where it came from. How it found its way to our table. And what it really cost. If that was the reality, then every meal would have the potential to be a perfect meal. We would not need to go hunting for our connection to our food and the web of life that produces it. We would no longer need any reminding that we eat by the grace of nature, not industry, and that what we’re eating is never anything more or less than the body of the world. I don’t want to have to forage every meal. Most people don’t want to learn to garden or hunt. But we can change the way we make and get our food so that it becomes food again—something that feeds our bodies and our souls. Imagine it: Every meal would connect us to the joy of living and the wonder of nature. Every meal would be like saying grace.”

-Michael Pollan from “The Omnivores Dilemna”

Other random stuff about me…

I have an amazing little boy name Mavarek Kalani and he makes my heart burst with love every day. 

I really hate twitter but I use it anyway. 

Freelance writing is my side gig, mostly on the topics of health and wellness because that’s just my thaaaaang. 

I really like eating with my hands. Cutlery is soooooo overrated. 

This is how I dance

I’m a self proclaimed ambivert which is neither introvert nor extrovert.

Love is my religion.

I’ve kept a journal my whole life.

I put balsamic reduction on nearly everything… 

I love to travel, probably because I live in Canada and its really effing cold.

I think your really awesome…

I love connecting with readers so don’t be afraid to say hi 🙂

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Hey I'm Chantelle, my alter ego would be a mermaid if I wasn't such a terrible swimmer. I love writing authentically and cooking in my pyjamas. My favourite pastimes include eating avocados, travelling the world and hanging out with a toddler.

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