Yarrow is a highly useful flowering plant, native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. I see it growing everywhere, from ditches to meadows to hikes up the mountain. It is a valuable plant which I like to harvest for many reasons. Yarrow used to be called ‘soldiers woundwort’ because of it’s amazing capacity to close wounds and stop bleeding.

“Yarrow is a common weed native to the Northern hemisphere that grows freely in grassland, chalk land, roadsides and other sites with well draining ground. It is instantly recognisable due to its feathery leaves, strong stems and broad white flower heads made up of many small individual flowers.”



“In order to effectively treat disease we have to be able to decongest blood associated with inflammation, thin stagnant, congealed blood, tone the veins, stimulant the capillaries and arteries, and move the blood to or from the surface. Yarrow, the great ‘normalizer’ of the blood does all these things.”-Matthew Wood

 Parts Used

Typically the aerial tops including part of the stem are harvested, dried and used as a tea, tincture, infused oil, sits bath, spray,poultice, wound powder, essential oil and flower essence.

When to use Yarrow

Fever and Flu- Yarrow tea taken at the onset of fever helps our bodies to sweat the infection out more efficiently. Especially useful when there is a high temperature but no sweating.

Healing Wounds- Yarrow helps stop bleeding, it is anti-bacterial and also contain some pain relieving compounds.

Reproductive Health- All women should have Yarrow in their medicine cabinet. It’s useful for balancing menstrual issues, such as bringing on a needed period, and toning down a heavy one. A sits bath with yarrow is useful for vaginitis as well as healing post partum.

Circulation- Useful in treating high blood pressure. Yarrow is also effective in treating varicose veins, and haemorrhoids thanks to it’s tonifying actions.

Urinary Tract- Useful for cystitis, UTI and urinary incontinence

Digestion- Tones and heals the mucus membranes of the digestive tract. Useful when treating issues like colitis and diverticulitis.  Stimulates digestion and gets the bile juices flowing.

When not to use Yarrow

Avoid Yarrow during pregnancy