Oh yes that mystical nut so high in selenium and other essential minerals. Brazil Nuts are also loaded with vitamin E and B vitamins, high in fiber and protein, and just deliciously special since they come from so far away (at least for me).  I used to think brazil nuts were really expensive, but in my corner of the world they are actually a little bit cheaper than almonds by the pound. These highly nutritious nuts make a wicked good milk to fuel you throughout the day.


brazil nut milk

This Brazil Nut Milk is certainly helping us to power through these drowsy days. Whole30 describes days 4-5 as “kill all things”, considering that I think we’re doing pretty good.  On an entirely different note, Todd and Diane, famous food photography couple with the amazing blog. Put on a free 3 day food styling and food photography workshop. This is really something considering to attend one of their events in the flesh would be way out of the ballpark for most people. I feel blessed to absorb their knowledge via cyber space. Even though J is the photographer most of the time, I’m super interested in setting the scenes and making art out of it. We’ve only just begun but I feel like I learned a lot today. J says I just download it all and pass it on to him in condensed format, hmm I’ll try my best. If your interested creative live is putting on the workshop on June 6, and 7th as well.

Now How to Make Brazil Nut Milk creamy dreamy and wholly nutritious stuff.

  • 2 cups soaked for 6-8 hours (or not*) brazil nuts
  • 8 cups water
  • a few dates to sweeten
  • 1/4 tsp of good salt

* Many sources say not to worry about soaking brazil nuts, but they do contain high levels of phytates. If you don’t eat grains and a ton of nuts then worrying too much about phytates is unnecessary.

In a blender combine all ingredients ( you can also halve this recipe) and blend until smooth.

Strain out the nut pulp with a nut milk bag or some cheesecloth. This is optinal as it is very good with the pulp as well, just a little chewy.

how to make brazil nut milk

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