My dad doesn’t cook. My partner doesn’t cook. Something freudian going on? Perhaps. When my pops did cook for us he made stew. Mom said when they met he had about 2 solid recipes under his belt, boston blue fish cooked in a can of mushroom soup and hearty beef stew.  When I met J he kindly offered me crackers and smoked sausage, his staple foods. I’m totally blessed to have a loving supportive dad. Whatever he lacks in the cooking department he makes up for in silly jokes and knowing the answer to pretty much every question.


Now that I’m a mother I can see a glimmer deeper into what it’s like to be a parent. Being a father can’t be easy. You are a protector, your children see you as if you are an impenetrable brick house of strength. Only later did I comprehend that you are only human, your heart aches, your soul strives for something greater. Yet you continue to persevere to provide the best life for your children. It’s a wordless journey which holds no questioning, you simply do what you need to do.

For my love , I feel so grateful that you finally get to be a celebrated father. Your unconditional love shines radiantly every time you look at our boy.  I know you will show him in your actions what it is to be a good man.  A grand adventure awaits you, a new chapter in this crazy life, to be filled with little giggles, story times, sand castles, scraped knees, hurt feelings and zurberts galore. I know just how meaningful it is to you. Especially growing up without a dad, like so many, you know how important a papas love truly is.

When my dad made stew it was always real simple & delicious. Of course I couldn’t resist adding a few extras, but I kept it pretty minimal.  Beef stew will always warm me up and make me feel nourished. Tender fall apart bits of beef which require little effort to accomplish, swimming in thick rich sauce, scattered with soft carrots and potatoes. Comfort food from dad at its best.

Pops revamped beef stew

Papas Vamped Up Beef Stew


  • 1 lb stewing beef cut in cubes
  • 1 Tbs coconut oil, olive oil or tallow
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 carrot, cut in cubes
  • 1 sweet potato cut in cubes
  • 6 cups beef, chicken or veggie stock
  • 1 sprig rosemary, chopped
  • 3 sprigs thyme
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp fresh cracked pepper
  • 6 radishes halved (optional)


  1. In a medium sized pot heat your oil and add onions and garlic, cook until onions are translucent.
  2. Add beef and turn the heat up to brown all sides.
  3. Add sweet potato,carrot,herbs, salt, pepper and stock.
  4. Cover and cook on low for 3 hours.
  5. In the last 5 minutes add the radishes for a bit of crunch.


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